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A brighter future for

our children


To provide and distribute educational opportunities,

meals, and school supplies to street children in Metro Manila,

Republic of the Philippines




To the street children found in Metro Manila

Our goal is to provide hot meals, school supplies, and educational opportunities to these children, giving them dreams and hopes and contributing to the realization of a prosperous society.


When we visited Metro Manila on a tourist trip, we witnessed many street dwellers, and it became an indelible memory that we could not overlook, so a group of volunteers came together to form this organization.


Guidelines for action

"Act First"

In order to deal with today's social problems, it is essential to have people who can look at things from a new perspective and solve problems without fear of taking risks. Change the future for children is a non-profit organization established to support street children in Metro Manila, and we believe in demonstrating our will through our actions.

Founded in 2020, our work is supported by bold actions and your support. If you would like more information, would like to make a donation, or would like to help, please contact us.



We are actually going to the site in Metro Manila to provide support to the children.


2020/10: Established


Suspended activities due to significant restrictions on overseas travel due to the pandemic

2022: Restrictions on overseas travel eased and activities resumed


2022/6: Provided approximately 1,000 meals in Manila

 Provision of school supplies (approximately 1,000 pencils)


2022/9: Provision of approximately 1,000 meals in Manila

    School supplies (approximately 1,000 pencils)




We plan to continue these activities on a regular basis.

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Meals served in Manila

We were able to provide about 1,000 meals thanks to the cooperation of many people, including local police and community associations.


Ceremony held at the time of the school supply donation

The company kindly provided us with the opportunity to donate school supplies while actually meeting the children face to face.


We received a letter of appreciation from a school that donated school supplies.


About your support

Let's start now with what we can do alone!

Your support is essential to Change the future for children, a non-profit organization. There are many ways you can help us realize our goals. No matter how small your support may be, it will have a long-lasting effect, and your help will support our mission and the lives of the children we serve.


We offer a total of seven donation plans.

All donors will receive a logo sticker.

Donations of ¥10,000 or more will receive a logo sticker and a polo shirt with the logo.

We will also put your company name on our website if you wish.

*If your company is outside of Japan, we are sorry, but we are unable to accommodate you at this time

Your donation will be used only for the following purposes

・Travel expenses for local volunteer staff

・Preparation of meals for distribution to the children

・Purchase of school supplies and clothing for the children

・Scholarships for children

  • Supporting the Activities A

  • Supporting the Activities B

  • Supporting the Activities C



​Organization overview

Name: Non-profit organization "Change the future for children

Established: October 27, 2020

Location: 1-11-1 Ishihara-cho, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama 350-0824

Representative Director: Noriaki Hara

Business Description:

・Provision and distribution of meals

・Provision and distribution of school supplies

・Provision of tuition and living expenses until graduation from university through recruitment and selection

・Cafeteria management business

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